Beiragel Administration S.A. has quality as the fundamental value determining its position in the markets. For whatever seems necessary, Beiragel – Produtos Alimentares Congelados, S.A. commits to identify, assess and control any risks related to food safety in order to keep on improving the effectiveness of the quality and HACCP management system, having in mind the compliance with the applicable normative, legal and regulation requirements. The pursuit of Quality is seen as the best way for the company to reduce its means waste, enhancing its effectiveness and getting the most out of its development and food safety.

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In order to comply with the applicable normative, legal and regulation requirements, as to guarantee the clients satisfaction, Beiragel has chosen to implement a system of Quality Management and Food Safety based on the control of HACCP crucial aspects and on NP EN ISO 9001:2000. Those plans may suffer redefinitions and updates complying with the legal requirements (periodical inspections by the authorities), clients’ needs and internal transformations of processes and procedures.

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Beiragel S.A.Quality Policy is based on a Clients orientation philosophy, aiming at satisfying their needs and expectations, always looking for a continuous progress.  Beiragel S.A. Quality Policy consists on the continuous clients’ satisfaction through the acknowledgement of our services and products Quality.


In Beiragel S.A. this policy is taken on by:

- Offering the market high quality products with the satisfaction guarantee of all the parts involved, including Collaborators, Clients, Suppliers and Business Partners;

- Requirements fulfilment and continuous enhancement of the effectiveness of the quality management systems;     

- Committing to quality, incorporating improvements in the internal processes and suppliers selection;

- Regarding the quality of our services as a responsibility of all the company’s collaborators;

- Encouraging the motivation and participation of all the company’s collaborators, inciting the ability to take initiative, team work, professional training and high technical skills;

- Providing its collaborators the necessary training and appropriate means to correctly accomplish their tasks;

- Creating and maintaining a quality system which allows to organize a set of simple and effective rules to be followed by all collaborators;

- Guaranteeing the implementation of the Quality Management System complying with the requirements of the ISO 9001 norm and Safety Food System (HACCP), based on the Code of Recommended International Good Practices – General Principles of Food Hygiene, which aims to guarantee the food safety of the commercialized /manufactured products, through a systematic approach of analysis of crucial aspects;

- Assessing all the suppliers and commercialized products according to the legal requirements for food safety so as to be able to guarantee that all products we commercialize are free from any chemical, physic or microbiologic risks.

- Continuously monitoring the temperature from the moment the products are received in our company  to the moment of delivery to clients;

- Tracking all the commercialized products assortments through a Management software programme.

“Quality is the best guarantee of the client’s loyalty, our strongest defence against competitors and the only path to growth”.

Jack Welch, GE CEO