Beiragel, S.A. offers the market high quality food products, guaranteeing the satisfaction of all the parts, including collaborators, clients, suppliers and business partners.
This way the satisfaction and loyalty of the final consumer is assured through the quality and safety of our products.



Beiragel, S.A. wants to be acknowledge in the market as a reference company in the Food Quality.



Founded in 1985, Beiragel is located in the urban area of Viseu and is dedicated to the commerce and transformation of frozen food products.

Its main aim was to supply the market in the Centre Region of the country. The main markets were located in Viseu and Guarda districts, and some parts of Coimbra and Aveiro districts. The supply to customers used to be, and still is, guaranteed by Beiragel’s distribution flee itself.

Motivated by the rapid growth of its market share and by the demanding requirements of the sector, the company felt the need to create its own brand for frozen fish.

So, it was decided to create a continuous transformation line, allowing obtaining high quality products. These products, along with Beiragel brand, are nowadays easily associated to the quality image the company has always transmitted to the consumer.

With the aim of consolidating the company’s image in the market, we have decided to supply some retailers, who will assure a market for Beiragel products in some areas which aren’t reached by our fleet.

Over the year 2001 great changes occurred in the company, such as the change of a Limited Company into an Anonymous Company, the creation of the Quality Department, the extension of the company’s facilities (now with a covered area of approximately 3.500m2 in Viseu), reorganization of the Commercial Department, etc.

Due to our continuous investment policy we also acquired, in the year 2005, our own facilities in Castelo Branco district, with a covered area of 700m2, which allowed the enlargement of the areas included in the direct distribution and consequently gaining new clients.

In the geographical areas not covered by our distribution lines, we continue to make business agreements with retailers outside our influence areas.

The EU and international markets are also seen as interesting by Beiragel, as we regularly export goods and we have perspectives of growing in these markets, on the medium and long run.
Beiragel presents itself primarily as an industrial company, although the sales figures on this sector are only of 58% (2011 data), which gives rise to some uncertainty as to its main activity: merely commercial or as food industry. However, over the last few years, there has been a propensity to be seen more and more as an industrial company.

Nevertheless, we have to underline that in this same period the weight of the finished products of Beiragel brand on the sales figures has been growing and in this sense the company has been trying to assure high quality levels for these products available to all customers.

Since 2007 our strategy has been to widen these quality standards not only of the internal procedures but also of the management processes. This strategy has culminated, in the present year, with the attribution of the Leader PME Status by IAPMEI, which distinguishes the companies reaching high management performance levels, presenting a low risk profile.

At the beginning of 2008 all this quality based strategy was acknowledged with the certification of the project, production and commercialization of frozen and refrigerated food by the norm NP EN ISO 9001, also complying with the Food Safety System requirements, resulting from the HACCP Food Safety methodology, both emitted by TUV, Rheinland Portugal. This certification is still valid nowadays.

From 2008 to 2011 Beiragel has consecutively been distinguished by IAPMEI as a Leader PME and Excellency PME, with these prizes being attributed to PMEs whose management indicators were considered as the best among the 300.000 PMEs in activity.  

During the year of 2011 Beiragel facilities have suffered a process of adjustment.

With these improvements Beiragel aimed at a vast renovation of the transformation room, equipping it with more and better industrial equipment, as well as equipping the entire building with suitable facilities to the growth the company has gone through over the last few years, not just in terms of collaborators but also in terms of the logistic related to the industrial activity.

At present the implantation area of the head building is around 4000 m2 and the industry is equipped with modern equipment and open spaces. The offices and the social facilities are perfectly sized to the increase of the collaborators number we expect to have in the following years.